Dreamgirl 6pc Nerdy Talk Schoolgirl Outfit

Dreamgirl 6pc Nerdy Talk Schoolgirl Outfit

Are you a 30-degree angle? Because you’re acute-y pie. Cause some major quadratic expansion in your partner’s department with this naughty-but-nice schoolgirl outfit that includes a cheeky crop top, mini skirt, shoulder braces, glasses, bow tie and thong. Pull-on in style for the best fit and comfort, the tartan pleated mini skirt skims your butt to show off its fullest curve in style. The stretchy crop top, bearing the words, ‘Talk nerdy to me’, just covers your boobs to tease your lover with a sexy flash of skin. Clip the suspenders onto the skirt and wear them over the top, or, for an extra daring look, wear them over your bare skin instead. A matching white thong, black plastic frames, and tie-up bow tie choker complete your sexy scholar ensemble.


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