TENGA Air Tech Regular Male Masturbator Cup Tight

TENGA Air Tech Regular Male Masturbator Cup Tight

Tight for added massaging might, TENGA’s masturbator offers a close fit for a good grip that rapidly escalates your pleasure for an overwhelming release. An advanced airflow structure offers stronger suction intensity than in the original TENGA cups. Rows of ribbing and raised nodules feature in this tight male masturbator, to grip your member tightly and give orgasmic results every time. Plunge inside and thrust to feel the amazing intensity that comes of a close-clasping massage. Based on the original vacuum cup masturbator, the Air Tech toys are free from an internal sponge, making them hygienic, washable and suitable for multiple play sessions. Internal air chambers dynamically increase the strength of the vacuum suction, while a suction hole enables customised suction strength. Simply lube up, play, wash, and play once again.


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